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When it comes to priceless stones, most women might feel confused about choosing the best and the most opulent one. They know that diamonds are gorgeous. But, they don’t argue that ruby is not less wonderful. However, they will feel sure that everyone around them are green with envy when they are wearing premium, low […]

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Exciting Emerald Earrings provides high quality, discount emerald earrings for any occasion. By providing a plethora of varying designs, these emerald earrings go well with many different modern fashions and color schemes. Exciting Emerald Earrings not only provides excellent designs at extremely low prices, but they also have a blog which guides the wearer on […]

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As we all know, Silver Emerald earrings are a huge and bold fashion statement, with almost everyone in the elite groups owning at least one or two pairs. For people who love making a statement and turning heads, this item is a must have on their list of favorite accessories. Time and time again, we […]

Emerald stud earrings are one of the best earrings you can find on the market. From their different types, colours and shapes, it gives you a wide range of how you can wear and blend it with different kinds of dressings. Emerald jewelery was highly valued and cherished by the Empresses and Monarchs. Due to […]

Ever since Angelina appeared on the Oscars red carpet in 2009 with her massive 115 carat emerald danglers, they have become a fascination for most women. Emeralds are royal and precious. After being cherished by the big and the royal, it’s desire has spread among the common. Their color is so deep and erotic that […]

These earrings have an emerald gem that is not only pretty to look at, but they vary in different colors. The emerald has a rich history that dates back to an estimated 400 decades in Babylon, the “origin of mankind,” making this beautiful gemstone an excellent gift to give some one you love. Leave alone […]

Emerald is described as a transparent cutting of completely clear glass with a fantastic shade of bright green. The emerald originates in Scotland and Zambia and was originally associated with love and hope as it was considered the stone of the goddess Venus. Emerald rings can be worn as finger rings or earrings or any […]

If you have been shopping around for quality gemstones recently, or maybe you are just somebody who likes pretty gemstones, then you might be wondering what the differences between natural and artificial emeralds are, and why natural gemstones are so much more refreshing, alive, and beautiful than synthetic ones. In general, emeralds have always been […]

Whether you’re a jewelry expert or just somebody who likes fancy, shiny things, then maybe you have been looking into getting emerald diamond earrings for yourself. Emerald diamond earrings are soaring in popularity right now, and are a great choice for anyone looking for a nice new piece of jewelry. So, what makes emerald diamond […]

Emerald Jewelry comes with an exquisite collection of pendant, rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. These jewelries can be customized to suit your preference and style of jewelry. Emeralds are high-fashioned jewelry. Emerald gemstones are well-known as a birth stone that represents the month of May. However, Emerald earrings can be worn at any occasion, this […]