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Exciting Emerald Earrings provides high quality, discount emerald earrings for any occasion. By providing a plethora of varying designs, these emerald earrings go well with many different modern fashions and color schemes. Exciting Emerald Earrings not only provides excellent designs at extremely low prices, but they also have a blog which guides the wearer on how and when to sport their newly acquired fashion. Their easy to navigate site, varying designs, and great prices make it a top destination for all things related to emerald earrings.

Diverse Designs

There is certainly no shortage of diverse designs that are provided by Exciting Emerald Earrings. With 175 unique designs available, there are many options available for any woman with a keen sense of fashion. One section that sticks out for myself are the emerald and diamond earrings. The combination of a classic diamond look, paired with a variety of unique designs and wide array of emerald colors makes this a premier section for discount emerald earrings. Additionally, the prices here are excellent. It would be tough to find rates this low at a local jewelry shop or other online vendors. I enjoy the design of the 10k Yellow Gold Round Emerald And Diamond Heart Earrings here. They have a clean cut look with the variance of diamonds, gold and emeralds.

Another category for these beautiful emerald earrings are the emerald stud earrings. These are clean, simple, and priced well with excellent cuts. The earrings found here are an easy choice for anyone that may be new to this great gem, and can transition easily to many different fashions without being too aggressive. This is a great starter section for someone that is unfamiliar with the uses of emerald earrings, wants to try this look on a trial basis, or does not want to overly invest in emeralds. I recommend the 18k White Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Cushion Shape Halo Stud Earrings (1.9 carats) by ORROUS & CO by ORROUS & CO Legacy Collection, for a great value purchase. Great design and excellent price point.

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Natural Emerald Earrings

The natural emerald earrings show up as a different approach to most typical designs within jewelry. They provide the elegance of fine craftsmanship which can be seen in the metal designs while leaving an organic look on the stone itself. There is a good variance in cuts, and most of these earrings are simple designs, making them versatile and easy to mesh with your current wardrobe. The 14k Gold Round 4 Prong Genuine Emerald Stud Earrings are a good example of simplicity combined with good design.

The silver emerald earrings is an exciting section that shows some excellent design features for the maverick trendsetter. The designs allow for an aggressive approach to one’s jewelry choice and will really provide that wow factor. They have excellent pop and will most likely be a talking point for many people. Several earring sets also come with a pendant, making the overall choice for your evening jewelry an easy decision. An easy choice for top earring here is the 1.00 Carats Simulated Emerald Heart Shape Earrings Sterling Silver Rhodium Nickel Finish. As they have such an excellent design and great price point, it would be very hard to pass discount emerald earrings these up.

Gold Emerald Earrings

While sticking with the rare metals, it is easy to see why gold emerald earrings are another popular section for Exciting Emerald Earrings. One of my favorite designs here are the 10k Yellow Gold Heart Birth Stone Earrings. There are all 12 birthstones available, have a beautiful heart shape design, and once again come in at a great price point. The 14k Yellow Gold Created Gemstone and Diamond Accent Hoop Earrings are also alluring and elegant. They have a nice design and have the option of emerald, ruby, or sapphire, and also have diamond settings as well.

Finally, the emerald drop earrings is the largest section available within these discount emerald earrings and have something that is right for everyone. From bridal jewelry to teardrop designs, it is easy to see why this is such a popular configuration. You have a variety of metals, stones, and cuts that can work for anyone. Some designs that I find appealing are the Bridal Teardrop Glass Semi Precious Stone Dangle Earrings, the EVER FAITH ® Silver-Tone Cubic Zirconia Birthstone 3 Tear Drop Dangle Earrings, and the Kate Spade new york Leverbacks Emerald Drop Earrings. This is easily a section I could spend some time in and envision myself wearing these with many different outfits.

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Informative Blog

Besides all the great earrings available for purchase on Exciting Emerald Earrings, there is also a blog that provides great information on all things emerald. There is direct advice on what to wear with all types of emerald earrings, seasons that are acceptable for emerald earrings, the merits of different types of emerald earrings, as well as ways to keep your emerald earrings maintained and clean. I really enjoy that each type of earring is explained and provides merit for each one. Also, the fashion tips are on point and make pairing your earrings with your outfit easy.

Overall, Exciting Emerald Earrings is a great site for fashion and shopping. It is easy to see how one could be on this site for hours, browsing the beautiful designs and adding to their jewelry collection. The blog is insightful and can keep you entertained for quite some time. The variety in earrings provides insight on what attire can be paired, as well as all of the great events to attend while sporting these amazing designs. It is not hard to comprehend how many people would get on board and receive excellent compliments for these designs.

Also, with such a great price point, it is easy to get some sets to try out and see if it is an appropriate look for you, then still be able to move on to higher end designs and make emeralds a regular part of your wardrobe. Make sure to check out Exciting Emerald Earrings for great discount emerald earrings and make your next night out one to remember.