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I love jewelry, and I love scanning the internet for online jewelry stores that offer high-quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Exciting Emerald Jewelry (http://excitingemeraldearrings.com/) is one of the best online jewelry stores I’ve come across. The store offers a wide variety of extremely attractive jewelry and high value cheap emerald earrings in a well laid out website format as this is very important to a number of people.
The website itself is quite attractive as well as easy to navigate. The pages are well laid out and uncluttered. The stunning photographs, which include photos of models and celebrities wearing emerald jewelry as well as high-quality close-up photos of the jewelry offered for sale, provide clearly visible details of the items for sale. Descriptions and link headings are simple, easy to understand, and kept to a minimum, which places emphasis on the beautiful jewelry offered for sale. The shopping cart and checkout functions work smoothly and easily which makes the shopping experience smooth and efficient.

Web site organization is enhanced because the jewelry is displayed by category, each category accessed via a simply labeled link. Each category page emphasizes the beauty of the merchandise with larger than actual size photos accompanied by simple descriptions and clearly stated pricing details.

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Jewelry Categories

The categories of merchandise include “Emerald Drop Earrings,” (an earring style in which a dangling charm is attached to a stud of clip), “Emerald Stud Earrings,” (a basic or enhanced single stud for pierced ears), “Silver Emerald Earrings,” (earrings constructed of stones set in silver colored metals), “Natural Emerald Earrings,” (earrings featuring natural rather than synthetic stones), “Emerald and Diamond Earrings,” (earrings featuring a combination of stones in gold or gold colored settings), and “Gold Emerald Earrings,”earrings constructed of stones set in gold colored metals).

Under each category link, shoppers will find a wide variety of gorgeous cheap emerald earrings to fit any fashion style, special occasion, everyday wear, or personal taste preference, from small, basic, and unassuming to flashier attention getters; some styles are modern and bold, while others are delicate and traditional. In addition to the cut stones, most of us are used to seeing in emerald jewelry, Exciting Emerald Jewelry also offers styles in cut, uncut, and polished natural stones for a more casual touch.

Also offered are earrings of other colors, in gemstones other than emerald, Swarovski Crystal, and cubic zirconia. A couple of earring styles are also offered for babies and children. Some of the top quality cheap emerald earrings are offered in sets of matching necklaces and rings. Most of the offerings are high-quality costume jewelry offered at easily affordable prices, but styles set in precious metals are also offered at competitive market costs as this is the cost which most of the people get used to.

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The products offered in the Exciting Emerald Jewelry online store are exquisite. I have chosen 3 of my favorites to describe here.
My favorite style is a pair of sterling silver and gold plated natural emerald and natural diamond small round hoop earrings. These could be worn in a casual situation with jeans, at the office, or with a simple little black dress to add a touch of elegance without overwhelming the outfit. Since I have short hair, my earring of preference is hoops because they add sparkle but don’t detract from my short hair style, but hoops are also attractive with longer hair.

The next style I’ll describe here is a bit more dramatic. This is a pair of Swarovski Crystal dangle drop earrings with rose gold wire. Although they are a dangle style, these earrings are small enough to be worn with short hair or an up hairdo as well as longer hair. The stones in this faceted style are clear and transparent, and the simple style is classic. This understated style would work well with a business suit or a simple dress or pantsuit.

My final favorite is a pair of simple round natural emerald studs set in silver that would serve well as everyday earrings to enhance my mood even on days when I have nothing important to do.
Helpful Blog Posts

One of the most important offerings on the Exciting Emerald Jewelry website is the helpful Blog posts which provide suggestions for wearing the jewelry, ways to accessorize outfits using emerald jewelry, information about the history of emerald jewelry, information related to the science behind natural and synthetic stones, and information on caring for jewelry, and information explaining how to shop for jewelry, and what to look for when purchasing jewelry.
The most interesting blog article for me explains the differences between natural and synthetic gemstones. It explains that natural gemstones are found naturally, and synthetic stones are, as the name suggests, manmade. Natural stones may be found loose in natural deposits or mined at a number of locations worldwide, and are usually of higher quality and more aesthetically interesting and beautiful than synthetic stones due to the natural variations in the stone itself.

Synthetic stones are manufactured in the labor gem factories and may be treated with oils or chemicals to enhance their color and texture to make them appear more beautiful. In synthetic stones, the clearer and more transparent the stone, the more valuable it is. Low-quality synthetic stones often do not live up to consumer expectations because of cloudiness or uneven color variations, but high-quality stones may be some of the most colorful, beautiful, and expensive but still , this is important as far as it is concerned.
Overview and Recommendation
As a lover and frequent wearer of unique jewelry, I found that this website offers many attractive styles unlike I’ve encountered elsewhere in brick and mortar stores or in other internet based stores. I found the website itself to be easy to access, navigate, and browse. The site is well arranged and pleasant to shop. I am impressed with the quality and variety of merchandise as well as very reasonable pricing.I highly recommend the Exciting Emerald Jewelry web based store to anyone looking for high quality, beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices. I’ll be back to visit this store soon.