What To Wear With Your Emerald Earrings!

Jewelry and wardrobe coordination is an important skill for any serious fashionista. In order for one to have the aspired appeal and lure, the right balance between the colors and pattern on the cloth compared to the jewelry is a requisite. Most of the fashion outlets may not inform one on the right combination since the main goal of any business is to make a profit.

However, this article offers a simple but actionable way of matching the jewelry to the wardrobe such that there is an appeal brought out. The focus will be on how to wear the emerald earrings. Emerald earrings have gained popularity in the recent past owing this to their universality. Thus, the article will center on the universality of the piece of jewelry as far as the combination with the fabric and events is concerned. The factor of the season can also be considered when determining the combination of the dressing and the earrings to be used in order for one to attain the complete look.


Emerald earrings can be paired with anything that is black and formal. In most evening events, black has come out as an accepted color. Combining the black evening gown with the emerald earrings provides a complete look while providing a more lucrative and adventurous look that could not be otherwise attained in the event that one was to stick to the diamond or silver earrings that have been the tradition.

Dangling earrings can be combined with a matching emerald necklace or a pendant with the same colored stone. Ideally, it is advisable to use the same colored stone. A slight variation of the hue cannot create any clash of the colors. Emerald earrings can be combined with other colors in addition to the conventional black evening gowns. Emeralds are specifically well suited for the red outfits. As long as more than half of the outfit is red, the emerald earrings will be an advisable choice for the wearer.


Purple outfits can also go well with the earrings. In this case, any official wear with the purple color in it can be combined with the emerald earrings resulting in a fashionable look. However, a variation of the earing design is called for when they are worn in the office setting. The earring design can also dictate the suitability to a given occasion. In most instances, the earrings are dropping and have to be made in combination with a metal.

If the earring is long and dropping, it is advisable to wear it when the occasion is less formal. For the formal occasions, less conspicuous earrings are advisable. However, the formal environment could be dependent on the organization since different organizations have different requirements as far as the dress code and the definition of formal wear is concerned.


When it comes to the weather conditions that ought to be adhered to when deciding on the emerald earrings, it is important to rule out any gloomy month or season. In most temperate regions, winter and the end of autumn can turn gloomy. Therefore, the colorful jewelry may not bring out the vibrancy of the season. However, for the fun season such as summer and end of spring, there is a lot that one can derive from putting on the emerald earrings.

Summer and spring are usually colorful and filled with fun. The fun theme ought to be kept running in the dress code. Instead of going for the plain clothes, the colors that go well with the emerald earrings and other emerald jewelry ought to be combined in the form of a floral print. The floral print can have either red or purple with black as the primary color of the outfit. In this case, the sense of fun raging in the season will be reflected in the outfit.The seasons can also result in one being excused for experimenting.


Any bright colors can be used alongside the common black office wear resulting in a fashionable appeal. A loose fitting blouse with a purple hue can be combined with the common officer colors such as grey and charcoal black. However, the focus ought to be on the subtlety of the fashion statement in the office setting as opposed to disregard of the common conventions when it comes to fashion and clothing guidelines.Having the right purse to accompany the jewelry is important.

Generally, the purse can be dependent on the colors of the flowers and other patterns in the dress. Still going with the summer and spring theme, a purse ought to be a contradiction of the statement made by the dominant colors. Instead of matching the purse to the dominant color of the dress, one can pick the least ostensible color and find the purse that mirrors it clearly. Therefore, any shade of grey can be used to reflect the variation in the color combination. Matching the color of the purse to that of the dress is acceptable but it does not reflect the idea of creativity and appeal.


Summer and spring call for the adoption of the colorful dressing. In this case, green emerald earrings are ideal in that they present a colorful outlook during the events. In some cases, the green emerald earrings can be a way of presenting a carefree approach to life to match ones personality as opposed to the conventional earring colors that indicate the tendency of conformance as opposed to creativity and adventure. Common trends in dressing have shifted towards the adoption of a more colorful wardrobe. Therefore, in order for one to adapt to the colorful fad in fashion, one can decide to combine the emerald earrings with any other primary color.

To sum it up, emerald earrings present the alternative to the common choice of jewelry. The emerald earrings convey the message of boldness and outgoing character. Additionally, the emerald earrings are compatible with more colors and convey the sense of fashion since there is a need to deliberate the color combination as opposed to traditional diamond earrings that require less effort. However, depending on the desired look, the emerald earrings can be used to send different fashion statements.