Great Tips On Wearing Your Emerald Stud Earrings!

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Emerald stud earrings are one of the best earrings you can find on the market. From their different types, colours and shapes, it gives you a wide range of how you can wear and blend it with different kinds of dressings. Emerald jewelery was highly valued and cherished by the Empresses and Monarchs. Due to this, it led to the green stone finding popularity and exsistence in earrings, pendants, bracelets, studs and rings.

Not only on the jeweleries but also in women’s safety pins. In the world of men, thay have not been left behind. By the use of the emerald stone, it has been used in making men’s brooches, cufflinks, tie-pins, and tarbun charms. Being a person who is generally an emerald stud earrings lover, you may end up loving every item with the emerald stone but you need to know how to identify the real emerald stone from the fake ones.


With a lot of fake jewelries on the market, you need to learn how to identify the real emerald stone from the fake ones. You can do this very easily. After choosing your emerald stud earrings, ensure that the stones are not stacked but firmly fixed. You can ask the seller to give you hot water but not very hot, put the jewelry inside and let it rest for alittle time. If the jewelry has been stacked using some poor quality glue, it will definitely come off and if it’s a real and genuine emerald earring stud, it will stay in place.

Emerald stud earrings are usually not so expensive and have value for the money you will have spent. As for the right color of the original emerald stone, its color is grass green. For you to personally test the emerald stone, get the stone under the sunlight rays and then start looking out for any cracks. Fake emerald stones tend to have crack like patterns on them and also tend to have a color that is not really grass green but something just close to it.


Throughout the world of fashion since time immemorial, people have chosen to wear the emerald stud earrings over any most other jewelry because of the high quality factor and the fact that the emerald studs are rare and uncommon in the world of fashion and influence. The best way to bring out the beauty of wearing emerald stud earrings is by ensuring that you try and dress from head to toe with the shade of the emerald earrings. You can wear them with the following colors.


It has always been said that nature can never go wrong and that nature is also by far the best designer. It implies that there is so much peace and brightness that comes with wearing the green emerald studs. When matching it with the pink colour, it blends perfectly well. You can, for example, choose to wear a hot pink blouse with a blue skirt, emerald earrings studs and an emerald pink clutch bag as well. You can as well wear a baby pink blouse, blue jeans, and the emerald stud earrings. You will definitely stand out from the crowd with this kind of matching. You can choose black footwear when wearing these combinations. It is not a must that your shoes should match with the emerald stud earrings.


Emerald stud earrings have quite a striking colour that is very visible. The combination of fuschia and the electic blue colour and emerald stud earrings will bring nothing but pure admiration from the crowd around you. For instance, you can choose to wear a long sleeved fuschia blouse in plain colour, match it with a blue knee length tight skirt, fuschia shoes and emerald stud earrings. Uuuuh, that is breathtaking!


This is mostly worn in the summer because the weather and the sun just allows brightness everywhere. Example, you can decide to wear a plain orange jumpsuit, and accesorize it with an emerald green pair of shoes and now finish the look with emerald stud earrings. The look is very bubbly and only attracts positive energy.

You can also accessorize more with colours that will match with emerald stud earrings .These includes clutch bags, bracelets, necklaces, rings. The colours of accesories that perfectly blend well with the emerald earrings are cream, gray, black, brown or a beige outfit. Emerald stud earrings definitely will match with them.


Emerald earrings are normally associated with royalty, class and elegance therefore they are suitable to be worn to high end occasions and special ones for that matter. It can as well be worn to work places, and also casually as well. You will definitely look classy and fashionable in any of the above places. Emerald stud earrings are just the best jewelry that any woman of elegance and class would want to identify with. You can also play around with colours and will be surprised at how you will blend the earrings with al ot more outfit colours than you could imagine.

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Make up is a very important aspect when it comes to bringing out the best in every woman. It has positive effects for the woman when done correctly. It is meant to enhance the beauty of a woman. For example, if you have chosen to accessorize your emerald earrings with fuschia accessories, you can choose to do your make up in fuschia for a more detailed look. You can as well apply the hot red lipstick without a doubt.

You can also choose to have emerald green hair in the sense that its only some strands of hair that will have the emerald green color not the whole head. Don’t hesitate to rock your emerald stud earrings with bright colors because it perfectly blends with most bright colors and also do not restrict yourself from floral patterns of outfits or even printed. since the emerald stud earrings is just one green color, it can therefore be spiced up with floral, printed, or checkered outfits.