Fashion Advice For Your Emerald Earrings!

Ever since Angelina appeared on the Oscars red carpet in 2009 with her massive 115 carat emerald danglers, they have become a fascination for most women. Emeralds are royal and precious. After being cherished by the big and the royal, it’s desire has spread among the common. Their color is so deep and erotic that they are happily accepted with their inclusions. Emerald drop earrings particularly look good on fair skin, filling it up with the essence of vitality and charisma.

It’s not just the chunky danglers, but emerald looks good with all types of earrings. Therefore emerald drop earrings are greatly in fashion these days. If you find that a large emerald earring is out of your budget, then go for emerald studs rimmed by diamonds as they do great justice to glamorize an evening dinner or function.


Yellow gold is the go-to metal for emeralds. Enriching its hue, yellow gold makes emerald look mystic and heady. This blend throws a magical effect on your face making it appear splendid and filled with suspense. Yellow gold and emerald earrings start from simple and subtle studs and eventuate to danglers and drop earrings. If you are the one who likes to make statements of unique class then accompany square cut emeralds set in yellow gold hoops.

If emerald with yellow gold is mystic, it’s union with white precious metals such as white gold and platinum is exciting. Thanks to contemporary designs, we have some of the most breathtaking emerald drop earrings in white gold. While a vivid intense green emerald will go well with both yellow and white gold, the one with yellow overtone looks particularly good with yellow gold. On the other hand emeralds that have blue as overtone that give a cold appearance look good with white precious metal.


While emeralds by themselves look color dense and rich, their combination with diamonds and other colored gems makes them look electric. Emerald and diamond earrings are versatile and go with most outfits. On the contrary, if you want to opt for an earring that combines various other colored gemstones along with emeralds, then make sure you match it with the outfit and also buy a matching pendant and neckset.

Emeralds have become an intense temptation for almost every female ever since the appearance of Angelina at the Oscar’s red carpet in 2009 with her magnificent 115 carat emerald danglers. Emeralds, originally a symbol of imperial family, now are all the rage among the general public.

With a dark and erotic color, they are well received with their impurity. Emerald earrings look mystical especially on snow white skin filling it up with substance of vigour and fascination.


Teamed up with various types of earrings, emeralds look spectacular. Emerald earrings fit as gracefully with casual attire as with an appealing dress. Emerald earrings are in great demand nowadays since green is considered as one of the best color bases to offer a profound look. If you are seeking a nice night out, then emerald studs skirted by diamonds would be perfect to beautify an evening dinner or function.

Emeralds with yellow gold are the second to none choice for those who like to make a statement of distinct class. Replenishing its hue, yellow gold adds a sense of mystical and hectic to the emeralds. Emeralds with yellow gold take various forms ranging from plain and refined studs and evolve to intricate danglers and drop earrings. Moreover, emeralds with yellow gold teamed up with white rare metals such as white gold are breathtaking and intriguing. While emeralds with blue as overtone bring out coolness with white precious metal.


Accessories have become an integral part of any dress. If you are having a bad hair day, a fine-looking bracelet can take all the focus from your messy hair to your beautiful wrist. It is rightfully said that accessories can be the saving grace of any dress. Speaking of accessories, earrings are needless to mention. A beautiful long earring can easily make your dress attractive. Emerald drop earrings are the new “in” thing.

Picking the right pair of hoops is imperative. Here are a few steps you can keep in mind while choosing those perfect drop earrings. Firstly, identify your skin tone. For cool skin tones, jewel colors like pink, purple, blue, red, and magenta is a good option. Whereas, for warm skin tones, appropriate colors would be brown, orange, green, yellow, peach, coral, and turquoise.


Next, you have to determine your hair style. Drop earrings usually suit long straight hair as they enhance your feminine side. For short hair, these are not recommendable. There are many other fashion earrings that would cater to your needs. Button ones are recommended for short hair. Earrings that are too small will simply get lost inside your hair and not be seen at all. Chandelier ones are an excellent option when wearing your hair down. Hoops and discs look good with plaits and ponytails.

An important aspect of choosing the correct pair of earrings is the occasion. If you’re out on the beach then drop earrings are not suggested. However, if you are out for a sophisticated event like a prom or graduation, then they can totally be your thing. Fashion earrings offer a wide range to offer. For every occasion there are accessories that not only suit your dress but also enhance it. Drop earrings can also be perfect for a cocktail party or any social event.


The choice of your earring also depends on your clothes. Drop earrings look good with V-neck dresses, strapless dresses or square top dresses. With changing trends, the fashion of wearing earrings has gone through a complete makeover. Jhumkas that cover the ear are great with Indian outfits like salwars and sarees. Novelty earrings, mismatched earrings (different yet coordinated on different ears) or coupled earrings (a cat and mouse) are best suited for pairing with casual outfits.

Fashion earrings comprise numbers of designs, shapes, sizes and styles. There are numerous stores in the city from where you can get your desired fashion jewellery. You can go on a shopping spree on the street, walk into a mall or simply click a few buttons and get your fashion jewellery delivered at home. Yes! No need to go around looking for that perfect pair of studs. Online shopping is spreading widely and many people are availing the benefit of this enjoyable process of shopping.

Combined with diamonds or other semi-precious gemstones, emeralds look percussive. The versatile and fruitful emerald and diamond earrings can pair up with almost any outfit. To achieve a good effect, you can also add a matching pendant and neckset.