How To Clean And Maintain Your Earrings

mom administering anti bacterial - for ear piercing

Girls and women all over the world and for almost every culture wear earrings. Girls like wearing earrings since they improve their beauty and general personal appeal. The earrings are worn in pierced ears, or with clip ons, and they can be made from a variety of materials which range from simple readily available items to expensive mineral material. Ear-piercing is a little painful and it is also a sensitive procedure that requires health precautions. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary “evil” for that beautiful look to be ultimately attained.

For this reason, and the fact that the earrings get dirty, it is very important to clean them regularly. It’s not only the earrings, but also the pierced hole in which the earring is worn that needs to be cleaned. This is so because, lack of cleanliness allows germs to collect around the earrings and the ear and hence pose a risk of infection. Precious mineral based earrings, like those made from diamond fade easily and lose their appeal due to accumulation of dirt from hair and skin oil. They should be regularly cleaned to maintain their luster.

The cleaning of earrings is a very easy procedure which every girl needs to know. You can clean your earrings by yourself using various methods that are easy to follow. This article provides useful instructions on how you can clean your earrings and maintain them.

What Cleaning Methods Should I Use?

You can clean your earrings using special cleaning agents

· Hydrogen Peroxide

· Ammonia Solution

· Baking Soda

· Ordinary Dish Soap

Use of Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen to clean your earrings

Hydrogen peroxide is a good sanitizing agent which you can easily get to use at home. Cleaning earrings with hydrogen peroxide is a very simple procedure. You just put the hydrogen peroxide into a container and soak the jewelry in it. You can leave it to soak even for the whole night in case you are convinced the dirt was too much.

After that, you remove the earrings and wipe it with a clean cloth or use a light brush to scrub out any particles or debris that still sticks on the earrings. This is followed by drying the earrings in the air after which they are ready to wear again.

It is important to note, however, that hydrogen peroxide can discolor the earrings. It can therefore be considered as a method suitable for earrings that are not expensive.

Use of Ammonia Solution

Ammonia solution is not acidic. It’s a less harmless alkaline substance. Therefore, it is used in cleaning earrings that are made from valuable gemstones since you do not want them to fade.

In this method, you will have to use the ammonia solution (made using warm water mixed with ammonia) together with dish soap.

· You first soak the earrings in a container with ammonia solution for about 20 minutes.

· You then remove the earrings from the ammonia solution (do not use bare hands) and put them in another container with warm water and soap.

· Remove the earrings and scrub with a small, soft brush (toothbrush).

· Finally, soak the earrings in clear warm water and remove them to dry in the air.

Use of Baking Soda

This method is used for those earrings which are made from material which require chemical reactions to remove dirt. Earrings made of silver, for example, are best suited for this method. Here are the tips.

· Using a frying pan put a lining of aluminum foil with the shining side up

· Lay the earrings on top of the aluminum foil.

· Pour warm water into the pan

· Sprinkle baking soda continuously into the warm water and only stop when you notice a reaction.

· Remove the earrings and rinse.