The Best Occasions To Wear Your Emerald Earrings!

model wearing emerald earrings

These earrings have an emerald gem that is not only pretty to look at, but they vary in different colors. The emerald has a rich history that dates back to an estimated 400 decades in Babylon, the “origin of mankind,” making this beautiful gemstone an excellent gift to give some one you love. Leave alone the ruby which is red in color, defined to represent love; the emerald has a more complicated set of emotions and symbolism.

The color green is found to be very calming as compared to other colors on the color circle. Green stirs up growth, peace, reflection, balance, healing and even fertility. These gems are treated and estimated by an institute called the GIA (Gemological Institute of America); This process has been done for ages since often than not, emerald has scratched surfaces.

Treatment is usually routine, and, resins and natural oils are often used for this work.
The gems rarity makes it a unique choice for a pair of earrings other than the traditional diamond earrings for any occasion. When you surprise someone with the emerald earrings, it shows a sign of humanity which is a good show of character.

Ancient Stories About The Emerald Gem

In time immemorial, emeralds were well appreciated and mined by pharaohs in Egypt. Frédéric Cailliaud discovered the mines in 1817. Cleopatra is also said to be a lover of this green gem, centuries after these mines were dug. The Romans, however, related emerald and any green rock to Venus, the goddess of love. The stone was linked to growth, something that is still in our culture.Hermes, the said messenger of the gods during this ancient times, was associated to the emeralds since it was considered to be the stone of truth, and, could make you speak eloquently.

A Roman emperor called Nero was known to watch Gladiator games through a Beryl maybe beacause it helped him to avoid watching the blood gushing off the contestants.
Medieval alchemists considered this gems as an inspiration. Writings found on the emerald tablet were done by Hemes Trismegistus, this connection to the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone, the world origin, and, the force behind the creation of macrocosm and microcosm.

Modern Time Stories About The Emerald Gem

If you are looking for new reasons for buying an emerald gem, here are a few reasons on why you might consider owning emerald jewels including the emerald earrings. Below are some symbolic values of this great stone.

1. Emeralds are said to give insight and be able to see yourself in a different light.

2. The person who is wearing an emerald can be able to see a gush in artistic talents, creativity, and the ability to innovate in a better fashion.

3. These gems give a significant edge in communication skills. There is a clearer and better style in conversation, and someone can confidently express him/herself.

4. In the field of medical astrology, studies show that there are benefits of putting on this gem since they can help with nervous disorders, respiratory problems, allergies and speech problems.

5. The emerald is a good therapeutic stone for people who have difficulties in concentrating or to focus. By wearing an emerald, individuals who are restless can focus and bring stability.

6. As the name suggests there can be a mercurial uplift in life, a person wearing this gem can get fame and great fortune.

7. The gem can take away emotional toxicity. Individuals who find it hard to come to terms with the idea that they have been betrayed, defrauded and even cheated, should try to get these gems to heal those bitter scars and it also helps in discarding ideas that are illusions.

8. You can improve your well-being and fondness for esthetics.

9. It is said that emerald gems can help in growth, regeneration and link yourself to nature.

model in green with emerald earrings

Best Occasions To Wear Your Emerald Earrings.

Many women buy these jewelry gems because they have a feel for beautiful things, other women, however, inherit them from their family members. If you inherited it from your grandmother or maybe, the earrings were passed down to you by your mother. You should put them on when attending special family gatherings. Always put them on at distinct events so as to honor them.

These earrings can also be put on for a night out, at a play or the opera. It is expected to wear a formal style of dressing when you attend these events. Therefore your emerald earrings are perfect for the occasion.

Going out on a date? A date is an ideal opportunity to put on your beautiful earrings. Add a green touch with the earrings and wear a nice modern outfit. They not only catch your date’s attention to your face, but they also offer a potentially good subject of conversation, mainly if there is a story about the family behind those earrings.

Weddings are also a great place to put on your accessories. Not all weddings are conventional. However, many have some degree of finery. If you are the bride, wear your beautiful earrings that go along with your wedding gown. You should, however, let your bridesmaids wear their families’ antique earrings as well, including an excellent touch to your bridal party’s accessories. If you are a guest, put on a simple dress and accessorize with your pair of emerald earrings.

You can also attend a job interview wearing small emerald earrings like the .30 ct. t.w. Emerald and .24 ct. t.w. Diamond earring jackets in 14 kt white gold. In the interview, you will be having a lot of face-to-face conversation, therefore, wearing dangling earrings will most likely distract someone while you are talking and might not get a clear picture of what you are saying.

TIP:Emeralds are not hard as compared to diamonds. Because at most times, they are treated. Chemicals should not be used nor should an ultrasound machine for cleaning purposes. Neither should heat be used to clean in any way. You should be paying attention and be very observant to all chemicals when wearing your gem. Emeralds earrings should be cleaned, ideally, with some warm water and later rinse. Let the ornaments dry and then rub with a soft cloth.