8 Outfits That Go Well With Silver Emerald Earrings!

mature model wearing silver emerald earrings

As we all know, Silver Emerald earrings are a huge and bold fashion statement, with almost everyone in the elite groups owning at least one or two pairs. For people who love making a statement and turning heads, this item is a must have on their list of favorite accessories. Time and time again, we see the most famous and known actresses ( Even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton!) donning these beauties proudly on the red carpet and looking stunning as ever. Whether it’s an actress like Angelina Jolie, a singer like Taylor Swift or even a model like Kate Moss, they’re on everyone’s fashion list.

These earrings add class and grace to your dress, be it simple or intricate with elaborate details, they just deliver the message of sophistication and beauty. These earrings turn the spotlight on you, giving you a regal look and an air of elegance. However, like celebrities do, we can’t usually afford stylists who tell us what to wear with which dress and how to accessorise with certain types of outfits, we’re here to help you.

Here is a list of top 8 outfits that look best suited with these earrings.

1) A Long Black Dress:

A black dress is never going to go out of style, lacy or plain, it always makes a statement and has been there from the start. That’s why it’s first on our list. Black is our favorite color when it comes to formal wear as it is classy and sexy at the same time. It makes you look chic and stylish; add a pair of Silver Emerald earrings and your look is complete. A bit of light natural makeup, nude lips, a long black dress, strappy heels, these earrings worn with your hair up, and a few loose curls and you’re the perfect picture of beauty.

2) A Long Red Dress:

This one will turn a lot of heads with your beauty. Red is an extremely sexy colour and expressive color, so it always catches everyone’s eyes. Wear a long red dress with a slit up one leg, your hair left in loose curls, ruby red lipstick and white or black heels paired with these earrings and you’re definitely going to be the center of attention and the life of the party.

3) An Emerald Dress:

What’s better to pair with Emerald earrings than an Emerald dress? Green can be an extremely rich color, which will earn you a lot of compliments and approving looks. Wear a long or short fitted emerald dress, with silver heels and your hair tied in a loose bun with red lipstick and you’re good to go! This outfit will make you stand out in any event you attend.

4) A Sleeveless Short Black Dress:

This outfit is guaranteed to earn you some envious looks and a whole lot of compliments. Wear a formal short black dress up to your thighs with your hair straightened to the back. Pair the earrings with a simple silver necklace or thin chain but leave your shoulders bare. The beauty of your collarbones will be showcased while making you look regal and sophisticated. Use neutral tones for your makeup with smoky eyes and don’t go too heavy on the dress details. Let the earrings do the magic. The spotlight will be on you the entire time.

5) A Short White Dress:

White is a plain and simple colour but it has its own charm and beauty. When paired with the correct jewelry and heels, it can be turned into quite the look. Buy a simple white dress either with long sleeves or spaghetti straps, that’s up to you to decide but leave your back bare. A backless dress is always a great way to embody elegance and to look delicate and beautiful. Leave your hair open or wear it in a low ponytail, apply red lipstick or use a nude shade. Match your dress with long strappy white heels, put your earnings on and you’re good to go. It’s your time to shine, so shine bright!

brunette model with silver emerald earrings

6) A Long White Dress:

Buy a long white dress that is backless or has white lace detailing in the back with silver or white buttons, it can both be sleeveless and have delicate thin straps. It should have elaborate patterns in the back where the net is and be simple everywhere else. Pair with simple and elegant white heels, and let your hair loose after straightening them or tie them in a bun with a few curls escaping. Put on a nude lipstick and some eyeliner. For jewellery, don’t wear anything other than the silver Emerald earrings. Enhance your look by wearing green contact lenses and a bit of eyeliner.

7) A Beige Dress:

Beige is a totally underrated colour as it is so beautiful but only a few people dare to take the risk and wear this colour. Get a beautiful beige dress, no matter what the style is, but a V-neck with a bare bare and a long flowing style would be preferable. Wear light makeup or neutral tones and your earrings. This look will give you a completely regal look and make you look and feel absolutely graceful and elegant. Wear your hair in 80’s style curls or loosely brushed and pinned to one side as to leave the other shoulder bare. Match with glittery beige heels with flower detailing and your look for the evening is complete. Have fun being the center of attention!

asian model with silver emerald earrings

8) An Embellished Dress:

A girl can never have enough shine in her life, whether it’s highlighter on our face, gold eyeshadow on our lids, a sparkling lipgloss, jewelry or any kind of accessory, or a sequinned cloth item, we always want more. So, why not wear a dress completely embellished with sequinns? It can be an emerald, red, white, beige or black dress with sequinns on it. It will surely make you feel and look like the Queen you are. Wear no jewelry with it except the earrings and make sure to wear your hair in a side ponytail. Match with glittering sequinned heels and you’re good to go. This look is a bold fashion statement, and you can pull it off, just give it a try.