What Makes Gold Emerald Earrings So Magnificent And Unique?

couple of gold emerald earrings

Emerald is described as a transparent cutting of completely clear glass with a fantastic shade of bright green. The emerald originates in Scotland and Zambia and was originally associated with love and hope as it was considered the stone of the goddess Venus.

Emerald rings can be worn as finger rings or earrings or any other places including dangling it on a chain to wear as a neck piece. At this point I like to mention that in it’s original state, the emerald ring would not be as attractive, hence give credit to the cutters who have to be highly trained and equally experienced to bring out the desired end result on the emerald rings.


I would like to look at a simple step by step analysis of what makes the emerald gold rings what they are: unique and magnificent. Let us begin with the beauty aspect portrayed by theses rings. Looking at the breath taking combination of the colors emerald and gold. What meets the eye is simply an outstanding, elegant and stunning metal work. One beautiful feature of the gold emerald ring is its transparency. This means it has no dark specks on it, hence giving the feel of pure enchanting beauty.

Secondly, is the fact that the emerald gold earrings can be used on various occasions. The rings can be worn to practically any occasion. Let’s say an event like dinner or lunch, or an evening with friends; the emerald gold earring will bring out the magnificence and class that comes with them. Say for example the yellowness of the gold and the greenness of the emeralds blending in with a black or white dinner dress for that desired look.


Weddings are the other occasions where we can adorn the gold emerald earrings…. to bring out the bride as attractive and mesmerizing. The gold emerald earrings can also be worn to match any color of clothes. This simply means that the emerald gold earring can add glamour to an outfit or an occasion.

Another reason why the emerald gold earring is considered unique and magnificent is its ease of maintenance. While wearing our earrings, we may expose them to a little dust and grease from our skins. Now; we all want our earrings in their best shape so we need to clean them up. This is possible in a few simple steps. Using room temperature running water, apply little soap on a soft tooth brush. Brush gently from its lower side outwards. Once done, rinse in warm running water. Those done, pat dry. The simplicity in its maintenance is captivating, isn’t it?

squash gold emerald earrings


The emerald gold earrings never go out of fashion. This is another feature that makes them unique and outstanding. Their color and originality give them away easily. Apart from wearing them as earrings, the gold emerald rings can be worn on any finger from the thumb through to the small finger and still look amazing. They can be used as nose rings too. They practically solve all our ring issues. The rings can be worn together with other rings too to pop their color even more hence a classy magnificent look. Our faces speak volumes about us, adding an emerald ring to your ear will make you elegant as well as bright and beautiful. This also applies to any other area that one can wear the emerald gold ring.

Emerald gold earrings boost self esteem and enhance confidence. This applies to any one for example teenagers trying to fight identity issues, people teased about their weight and even people with facial skin issues like acne. Wear that emerald gold earring and what people are going to see is a classy elegant person full of confidence and heads up. Its calming effect will enhance eloquence in speech and mental acuity even at our work places. This should work even more with the fact that people relate the emerald gold rings to attractiveness and purity.


Another reason as to why the gold emerald earrings are unique and classy is the fact that they are readily available. They are available in our local beauty shops and even on our online stores. The only thing to watch out for is the imitations of the emerald that will end up wearing out fast. Look out for their outstanding standards of clarity. They should be almost clear and glassy with a bright green shade. Depending on the originality of the glasses, their prices vary from one sale points to another, with the very clear glassy ones soaring to high dollar levels.

Emerald gold earrings are unique and magnificent because we get to choose from a variety of presentations, for instance, a single emerald surrounded by several other cuttings, intricate designs like several same size of emerald cuts arranged in different patterns, among others. Whichever way you choose to wear it, the sterling gold emerald earring is always the perfect choice owing to the deep contrast between the green in the emerald and the gold set ups.this makes them outstandingly unique. There is actually nothing more appealing to the eye than the yellow gold rings standing beautifully against the green glistening of the emeralds. It is simply elegant.



As discussed above, the uniqueness of the gold emerald earrings is indisputable. One other reason being, the stones used to set the emerald cuttings are pure. The gold is as much as possible cleaned to give it the end result it desires. For this simple reason, the emerald gold earrings are not reactive to the skin since it is not just a coat; it is a precious stone elegantly holding a precious emerald. This means you don’t have to deal with the effect of skin reactions like inflammation, itchiness, and rashes among many others. This upholds the genuine, uniqueness and magnificence that comes with the gold emerald rings.

One last thing to note is that we need to care for and clean our gold emerald rings so that they last longer and give us the service and the look we desire.